Since our running posts have become a hot spot on the blog, I thought we’d create a running page for you with all our posts and running stats.

I’ll try to keep it up to date with new races, PRs and so on.

If it is out of date, it might be because I’m busy and running with my bright green compression socks.

We love Saucony shoes, Injinji socks and have an odd collection of other brand running clothes, depending on what we find on sale.

We love finding things on sale.

Our Goodwin Journey Running Page

Our favorite running happens out on some backwoods trail but we do also love a good city street run!

We rarely run the same route twice and tend to find out of the way things to see on our journeys.

We run in heat, rain, wind, snow, sleet, sun… if we can run, we run. Our second winter of running was in Michigan. We ran through incredible snow that year!

We’re firm believers in Epsom Salt soaks, Nok foot cream and foam rollers.

And Jeremy loves his Hoka shoes.

We love running together, especially longer distances. We’ve crossed in to “we only did 4 miles today” territory.

We use TomTom watches with the Map My Run app.

We are super busy so we fit running in to our day whenever we have the time.

We started running with the C25K app in August 2013. And I recommend it to ALL who show an interest in running. It is a GREAT way to start.

Since then, we have run hundreds of miles all over the United States and France.

We ran our first official 5K in May 2014.

Our first 1/2 Marathon in March 2015 {Antony, France – 2:08:29} and our first Full Marathon in April 2015 {Paris, France – 4:54:53}.

Running my first half marathon

In June 2015, we teamed up with TomTom France and Go Sport and ran the Go Sport Running Tour Versailles. We were honored to run as part of #teamtomtom!

We ran this 15K through the gardens of Chateau du Versailles… beautiful and inspiring. And where I learned to Just Keep Going.

We finished with a time of 1:31:57. Just two minutes above our goal.

running the Go Sport Versailles 15K with #teamtomtom

Running is a big part of our lives, a way to stay healthy and spend time together as a couple!

We even include it on our date night list!

I don’t have solid PR numbers for you…

Jeremy is running a PR per mile of in the 7 minute range. I’m steady in the 9s but I have pulled off a few 8 minute miles.

Newest Races:

5/3 River Bank Run 25k – May 12, 2018 – 2:53:59 – Jeremy and Jenilee

Top of Michigan Marathon – May 26, 2018 – 4:25:53 – Jeremy

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