Sell Everything and Go - A Real Part of Living Out Missionary Life

Sell Everything and Go

Sell everything and go.

What a seemingly simple, freeing phrase.

A phrase that says, “I’m sold out and all in. I’m ready to go and be used wherever God takes me!”

In the moment of an altar call or a prayer time, this phrase encapsulates it all concisely and quickly and so truthfully.

And… when this phrase is put with action, AMAZING things happen. Incredible things happen.

Big things move in the heavenly realms when a person says Yes! to the call of God on their life to go into all the world to proclaim Hope.

Selling everything and going…

But right now I am living that phrase.

It isn’t just a simple phrase any more.

In fact, it is a long, drawn out, daily decision to walk in full obedience to the reality of the phrase.

I’m not even talking about raising a budget. Although, as I’ve written many times over the course of the past 15 months, raising a budget a daunting task. My heart literally hurts for those staring down a huge budget to raise.

But that aside, the phrase “sell everything and go” requires so much from a family.

Sell Everything and Go - A Real Part of Living Out Missionary Life

Gobs of paperwork




Did I say gobs of paperwork yet?

the heartbreaking task of sorting the belongings you don’t sell. Weighing the cost of shipping verses buying in-country.

storing what you leave at home. where?

Insurance… car insurance? life? renters… but then they need an address. And you don’t have one… or you do have an address but that isn’t where your belongings are being stored.

Buying bins. Sorting bins. Packing bins. Weighing bins. Shipping bins.

Garages Sales to sell everything

Craigslist ads to sell everything

trips to consulate offices in other states

phone calls. questions. no answers. many answers. way too many choices or not enough choices.

numerous conversations with family and friends… detailed explanations of the whys and hows of your new life

putting together a will and a power of attorney and thinking through all possible, horrible scenarios. being ready. for anything.

leaving copies of every important document with someone you trust

ordering copies of important documents

making lists.


and MORE lists

getting financials in order… a house being rented or yearly bills needing paid


Such a simple phrase yet it requires an incredible amount of patience, energy and prayer.

Big decisions.

Really big decisions about nearly every part of life.

Selling and going also means counting other costs. Future costs.

Raising kids in an unknown place.

Knowing major medical care could be a life flight away in another country.

Finding safe housing.

Learning new languages.

Knowing the physical, mental and relational cost of going.

The real danger involved. The potential hazards along the way.

Missing family functions.

Missing holidays.

Missing births… and deaths.

Giving up life as you know it to embrace brand new ways of living the journey.

And we are thrilled.

We literally happily do it all… counting the cost, living the reality of this massive transition.

But this phrase isn’t simple any longer.

Sell Everything and Go - A Real Part of Living Out Missionary Life

It is a complicated walk of obedience.

Just in case you wondered what it is like to live out the phrase “sell everything”… and it is only just beginning!

My advice?

Say yes to the call anyway.

Live out this phrase as God leads you.

Nothing we’ve faced has made us turn back.

Nothing we could face will change our desire to live out this phrase in obedience every day.

And if we can, you can.

Answer the call. Live the phrase. Watch amazing things happen when the two collide.




  1. Hi Goodwin Family, I stumbled across your blog as we too have been called to serve Christ overseas. And I’m currently staring at the mounds of decisions ahead of me. Mounds and mounds. Every time I research one, I find twelve more. But you already know that. Lately, I have been thinking about the selling, the storing, and the shipping. So many decisions. What to take? What to leave? What to store? What to buy? And the truth is; I have no idea. But we press on. Because we have been called and there’s nothing else we would rather be doing, facing. Thank you for your honest blog. I have been hopping around reading this post and that. I’m sure I will be reading more and more as we continue on our journey. Prayers for you and your family! #teammissions #sharethegospel

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