Marriage Help - Being on Guard in the Simple and Small Things

Being On Guard in the Simple and Small Things

Sometimes you hear things and you just know it will be a big marriage help or a way to improve something in your married life.

We were at a retreat recently and heard a story of heartache, struggle and pain.

Relational, spiritual and emotional breakdown.

Through the entire story, we heard a message of grace, mercy, love and forgiveness.

And there was a warning woven through the entire retreat.

A warning to remember that even in the simple and small things we must be on guard.

Jeremy and I have talked a lot about this.

Marriage Help - Being on Guard in the Simple and Small Things

The statistics of failure for pastors and missionaries and people of faith are incredibly high.

We are not so blind to think that it could never be us.

We are talking, praying, fortifying our marriage and our family so that we are on guard and ready for each attack, each temptation.

It takes work.

It takes knowing God’s Word and reading God’s Word and having the Sword at the ready.

It takes remembering our humanness and God’s greatness.

We need Him. We need His help, His strength, His promise to be our guard and protection.

We need to face sin, even so-called simple and small sins, head on.

Talk, confess, guard.

Cory Ten Boom said, “Anyone is capable of anything given the right circumstances.”

Pray, watch, guard.

Marriage Help - Being on Guard in the Simple and Small Things

When those circumstances come, and Satan will make sure they will… we must be on guard.

CS Lewis said, “God and evil both increase at compound interest. That is why the little decisions you and I make every day are of such infinite importance.”

We must pour our interest in the things of God and make sure that we are leaning on Him for our very foundation.

Anything less will rock the deep foundation we were meant to have in Him.

What a marriage help to remember that thought.

Another quote was shared… I didn’t catch the authors name.

It said, “There is a God who climbs into the middle of our messes. He meets us in the lostness in order to bring us to the truth and new hope.”

No matter where we find ourselves in this life, God is right there with us. Walking with us and helping us hold tight to Him.

He is in the simple and small things.

He is in the big things.

He is there… guiding us and leading us to walk His path.

He is with us and encouraging us to build up our guard at all times, in all things.

What are some ways that you are on guard at all times? How do you keep Him at the center of it all, keeping a right heart in the simple and small things of life?

How does this provide marriage help for you?




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