Children's Health - Simple Things to Have on Hand When Kids Are Sick

Simple Things to have on Hand when Kids are Sick {Plus Printable}

Children’s health is important for all parents. It is miserable when kids are sick.

For them and for you.

Last spring, we were hit with a horrible, awful, really bad flu.

For about 3 weeks, my girls ran high fevers, threw up, had chills and headaches and body aches, slept alot and were just all around feeling yucky.

It lasted and it was a constant job for Mommy.

Children's Health - Simple Things to Have on Hand When Kids Are Sick

Between laundry, meds and taking temps, I was busy!

I learned really quickly what made them feel better and how I could help our days be a little brighter even though they were all still so sick.

Children’s Health

Here are some simple things to have on hand when your kids are sick:

1. a cold cloth – reallly… a cold cloth is a miracle worker when your kids have a headache. Try these cooling cloths for a little extra boost of cold.

2. special sheet/bedding – when my kids get sick (and my mom used to do this for us… my older sister now has the sheet for her daughter) I throw a sheet over the couch. Then they can lay on the couch and I don’t have to worry about anything. I can wash the sheet later and they feel special. A fun idea is to have a special set on hand in their favorite character, movie, or tv show that will put a smile on their face. Even those teenagers.

3. movies and books – when kids are really sick, they don’t want to do anything. These are the moments to pull out their favorite movies and books and let them relax.

4. a bucket – the girls think it is funny when I grab the bathroom trash bucket for them… I empty it out and put in a clean bag. It works for upset stomachs or the excess kleenex laying around

5. Sprite – I know… you can use gatorade or pedialyte but I like good old fashioned Sprite. It makes their stomach feel better, tastes good and gives them a little burst of energy.

6. Snack – usually when kids are sick, they don’t feel like eating or they shouldn’t be eating but they ask for a snack anyway. you should have something dry and bland on hand for them to eat. I’ve used plain cheerios or saltines or even dry toast.

7. a thermometer – there is nothing worse than guessing if your child has a fever. When they don’t feel good, knowing their temp is really important. Taking it often helps you monitor their sickness and helps a doctor diagnose if the temp goes on for a really long time. And having a good, easy way to take their temp is so helpful. We like this one. and don’t forget some children’s pain reliever.

8. Popsicles – fluids are important!! Sometimes the best way is through a Popsicle.

Children's Health - Simple Things to Have on Hand When Kids Are Sick

9. kleenex and wipes – it is messy when kids are sick. Having these things easily accessible to you and the kids is a great way to keep germs under control.

10. Sick Kids At Home Chart for Parents – a FREE printable for you! I always have this on hand when my girls are sick. It helps me take general notes, write down their temp, jot down if they ate or drank anything, remember which meds they took and when (very helpful when you are rotating Tylenol, Advil and Antibiotics!)

11. Don’t forget to take care of yourself too. Amazingly, that does help your children’s health too. And get a few minutes away if you need them!

12. Learn a little bit about home remedies. I did and I’m so thankful for the information! You can read what I learned here.

If your kids are like mine, these little things will help in big ways when your kids are sick!

What things do you find help your kid when they are sick? How to you stay on top of your children’s health?

And don’t forget to pin this post so you know where to find the chart the next time you need to nurse sick kids at home!




  1. I love the sheet idea! I hadnt thought of that. Definitely will help with clean up if they dont make it to the bucket or bathroom. I put a little apple cider vinegar in their water with some stevia to help calm thwir stomach and fight germs. We are currently battling a stomach bug. These tips came at a great time!

  2. Three weeks, poor babies 🙁 Using essential oils has really sped up the healing process in our house (I’m not a distributor). I just the 100% pure essential oil from our health store and make my own blend. My husband just got home or I’d take a minute to find the link for you, I pinned it though on my essential oil board. Better yet just e-,mail me if you want it.

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