Mothering - Simple Tips for Mothering and Spiritually Leading Your Children

Simple Tips for Mothering

Mothering is complicated.

Mothering is full of details, selflessness, discovery and quick growth. It is an around the clock job that requires everything a woman has to give. and sometimes more. It is not for the faint of heart.

Motherhood is one of the hardest things you will ever do…

Yet, as I’m sure you have also discovered, it is one of the most rewarding things you will ever do.

Simple Tips for Mothering - using M-O-T-H-E-R #motherhood #parenting #moms #momtips

In those moments where the difficulty overwhelms, I am reminded of a few simple principles that encourage me to relax in this role of motherhood and allow God to use me in even the most basic tasks of the day.

M – Model

Be a model of who you want your children to be. Model love, patience, forgiveness, compassion, and all of those other godly attributes we want to instill in our children. Even in your failures, you can model godly behavior and responses to your children. Mothers can’t model perfection but they can model growth, faith and hope!

O – Open

Mothers must be open. Open to their children’s thoughts and ideas. Open to their conversations. Open to their gifts and joys and loves. Open to their mistakes. Open to who God is creating them to be as they grow in the ways of Him.

T – Teach

This goes beyond modeling and reminds mothers to speak. Teach your children why we forgive. Teach them how to study the Word. Teach them about friendship and manners and finances and health and… Every moment of the day is an opportunity for learning the basic skills of life.

H – Help

Dig in to motherhood. Get your hands dirty. Help your children as they learn to maneuver the ins and outs of life. Pray for the wisdom to know how to help. Wisdom because we don’t want to help in a way that takes over for our children. We want to help in a way that equips our children for the many new tasks they face everyday.

E – Encourage

Intentionally speak in ways that encourage your children. Take the time to think through your words. Will they hurt? Will they harm? Are they constructive? Are they repetitive? Are they said in love? Sometimes all your children need is an encouraging word to lift their spirits for the day. Speak scripture. When you don’t know how to encourage, allow God’s word to encourage YOU and your children!

R – Reach

Reach out to your children. There are some situations that only a mother can speak to or get involved in. You have a role in your child’s life that no one else on earth holds. Use that role to reach out to your children and meet them where they are so that you can impact them for the Kingdom. Again, pray for wisdom. If your child seems to be pushing you away, ask God to show you ways to reach them that will be positive and successful.

I – Inspire

Do you know what inspires your children? Do you know how to find things that will inspire them to grow, push them through challenges, guide them through struggles, or motivate them to work hard? Get creative and seek inspiration that will give them tools for their future.

N – Nurture

There is nothing like a mother’s love. Snuggles on the couch, movie nights with pizza, a cold cloth when they are sick… these simple nurturing moments mean the world to your children. Slow down and take the time for nurturing. Have you hugged them today? Have you prayed for them today? Have you sent them a smile just because you can?

G – Give

Oh, yes… motherhood is all about giving. Giving of your time, your love, your gifts, your abilities, your stuff, your very life. Being a mom means learning to give all you have in an effort to raise children. But, do you know that making sure you give time to yourself will also greatly impact your kids? Make sure that you are balanced, giving as God leads to each area of your life.

Mothering - Simple Tips for Mothering and Spiritually Leading Your Children

These are just a few simple tips for mothering.

Tips we can use in our own children and tips we can use in the lives of the children around us who don’t have a mother figure in their life. At church, at the park, in our neighborhoods… we can be mothers to the children God places in our lives each day.

What simple tips for mothering can you add to the list? How can these simple tips help you through your day?

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