How to Improve Communication and Have Successful Communication in Marriage

Successful Communication in Marriage

Learning how to improve communication in marriage is something we are always working on.

During our travels, it is rare that we sit in service and hear someone other than ourselves speak.

So it was a special treat when we got to sit in service and hear our friend’s sermon.

And not just any service, but a sermon series on marriage.

The message was about successful communication. How to improve communication in marriage.

How to Improve Communication and Have Successful Communication in Marriage

I’ve blogged about our words in marriage a few times on the blog.

A Daily Challenge and 1 Thing You Should NEVER Do in Marriage

But this message was simple and challenging, and as I shared on Instagram, a message I needed to blog about.

Thanks Pastor Dave for giving me the smiley face okay. 🙂

The main point of the message was, “As high as you want your marriage to go, your words have to go there first.”

How to Improve Communication and Have Successful Communication in Marriage

Isn’t that a great thought to remember every day about marriage?

Next, he gave 5 simple things that I really appreciated as wise helps for successful communication in marriage.

How to improve communication

1. Care. You must show in body language and in speech that you CARE for your spouse. that you care about your spouse. that your spouse is important.

2. Encouragement and Praise. Encouraging words will literally nourish your marriage and make it healthy. Intimacy and closeness occurs when you praise and encourage your spouse.

He shared these verses from Proverbs 18, “From the fruit of their mouth a person’s stomach is filled;with the harvest of their lips they are satisfied. The tongue has the power of life and death,and those who love it will eat its fruit.

With the question, “What are you feeding your spouse through your words?”

He made the observation that our spouse could be starving from not hearing words of encouragement and praise.

Thought provoking, yes?

3. Truth. Not the hurtful “I can say what I want because it is true” kind of truth. But the honesty that marriage must have to succeed. Share what is on your heart. No silent treatment. Silent treatment still speaks to your spouse.

I needed to hear that. #ifwerehonest

4. Faith. Share what is on your heart, what is bothering you, what you need to speak and then have faith that God will complete the work. No nagging or hassling or repeating harsh words to get your point across. Have faith. Let God work in your spouse. God does not need you to discipline or correct your spouse. Let Him do His thing in their life.

Again… yes.

5. Surrender. Surrender your mouth, your words, your conversation to God. Let Him have control.

Awesome reminders for successful communication in our marriage from Pastor Dave. Thanks for letting me share here on our blog.

You can get more on marriage from Pastor Dave on his blog and also listen in to his #bestever marriage sermon series online.

We were blessed… I know you will be too!



  1. That is such practical wisdom! And timely for me – mere minutes ago, I missed a good opportunity to encourage my husband, and now I’m feeling the conviction. But I’m also feeling encouraged with vision from these sermon notes to go and be intentional in caring communication. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Yes! It is meant to be encouraging! I’m so glad… we could all beat ourselves up over communication mistakes or missed opportunities but it is walking forward that matters! Thanks for stopping by!!

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