The Christmas Disclaimer

My friend Christina @ Get Joy just posted a Christmas Memories post.

And I loved it.


Well, although her family is super cute and fun and it looks like they had a wonderful Christmas, that is not necessarily why I loved her post.

I loved it because I LOVE the disclaimer that she put at the bottom of her memories post.

She says, “Disclaimer: Now before you all think my life is perfect, or any blogger’s Christmas post for that matter, very few people write about all the things that go wrong during the holidays. You don’t want to hear about my grumpy, fighting, tired kids (yeah, I am talking about those adorable children in the pictures above). You don’t want to hear about my short temper when things get stressed. We all deal with that stuff. Keep in mind when reading these types of blogs that the purpose is to focus on all the Good that God is and how He sustains us when things are difficult. Because let me tell you, I had some whining kids…and He kept me sane.”

Can I just second that?

Each year, no matter where we are at the holidays, things happen.

Even if the pictures didn’t say so.

Even if you couldn’t tell by our happy, vacation, holiday faces.

Things happened.

Disclaimer moments. All between the pictures.


In just one holiday trip, there was Jeremy’s leaking truck window that got the girls toys and blankets all wet.

Realizing that the tour company that we booked through was very much less than honest and it was going to cost us.

Three girls riding together in the one seat of an extended cab Ford F150. for hours. You can imagine the whining and fussing that went with that, I’m sure.

Spouse miscommunications. Yes. They happen. Often.

Loosing vital pieces to fixing Abby’s broken DS.

And not finding them anywhere.

Having to buy new pieces.

Having the DS break for good.

Tired cousins. Throwing up babies. Tired sisters (young and old).

Two granddaughters who played with two bars of soap in Grandma’s tub. Decorative soap. Super soapy water.

15 people sharing 2 bathrooms.

Kids forgetting to flush. and wash hands.

Toys all over the floor.

A lost dress.

Shattered Christmas ball ornaments on the hardwood floor during Christmas dinner.

A gazillion dirty dishes to wash.

Tearful yelling moment between my girls on the day we were heading home.

Tearful apologies made to those who had to witness it.

Laundry, messy house, misplaced presents, broken toys, dumped suitcases.

Opinions. Misunderstandings. Moods. Stolen quiet moments…

No… we don’t take pictures of those things.

But they happen. To all of us.

That is a part of family. of people. of learning to live together in peace.

Now that we live overseas, there is missing family, no snow, homesick kids, traditions lived through facetime or facebook and gifts opened in January because they never arrive on time.

It Smells American

Don’t forget the disclaimer written above as you browse through everyone’s gorgeous Christmas posts.

Think of the stories behind the pictures and remember we are all real people blogging real lives.

Ups and downs. Good and bad.

It is all there. Behind the lens.





  1. Think of the stories behind the pictures and remember we are all real people blogging real lives. This is so true. Thank you for sharing this post at The Weekend Brew!

  2. Love this! It’s been a bit hard this season to watch so many ‘picture-perfect’ posts on social media and across the blogs, while my household is so less-than-picture-perfect. I know we all have our own challenges, but we hold us such high standards for ourselves. Love your honesty!

    1. yes. no family christmas is perfect! We all have tons of messy moments. We just don’t think to grab the camera when things are messy! Merry Christmas and thank you for stopping by and sharing your story!

  3. oh, yes! ditto that. most of us can’t take a pic of the ‘mess’, because our hands are full… pulling our hair out. ha! one thing i’m trying to get past is comparing my worst to someone’s best. that’s easy to do in blogdom, yes?

  4. Thank you SO much for posting this! I know it’s easy for me to start thinking “This person’s life is perfect! I bet her kid never screeches or cries…” It would do us alot of good to focus more on God’s goodness to us and how much HE is FOR us. Thanks again!

  5. I love the disclaimer! We all have our own disclaimers, don’t we? Thank you for being real.
    I think we all need to remember when we read blogs, or blog ourselves, that if we focus on the negative too much, we won’t see the positive in the Light.

  6. Love this! I am one of those bloggers (and facebookers) who only shares the good stuff. Probably to a fault. But I have my reasons. Regardless, I think it’s important we all remember everyone has those moments that are not story book and we would rather forget. I recently read somewhere that when you find yourself looking at someone’s else supposed life on their blog or Facebook, if you find yourself wishing for how perfect their life is, remember God did not equip you to deal with the issues and troubles they are inevitably facing. Goodness…. I did notean to go on a tangent! Anyway, I love this disclaimer! Thanks for being real!!

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