Running Encouragement - Things To Tell Yourself Before a Run

Things To Tell Yourself Before A Run

Running encouragement is very important. You need it.

There are things to tell yourself before a run. Things that you must tell yourself before you run a race or hit the trail.

Any race. A Marathon, 1/2, 10K, 5K…

Running Encouragement - Things To Tell Yourself Before a Run

I realized before running our marathon that so much of it is a mental battle within yourself.

So I have some running encouragement for you as you go through your own running battles.

Running Encouragement

1. Trust your training. Really. If you haven’t trained well, then… well, you will get what you get on race day. But if you have trained well, if you have prepared, if you have stayed focused and worked hard… then, trust your training. Trust that you have done what you’ve needed to do and that your body will remember what you have worked so hard to attain for race day. This was incredibly important {thank you to all my running friends who gave me this advice!} when I was facing different injuries during my training weeks. For when you need a rest, for when you have to take a break, for when your body is not cooperating pre-race… trust your training.

2. Rest is Good. In the pre-race weeks, you push so hard. You are running so many more miles than you normally run. When it comes time for your taper, you feel at a loss because you aren’t running as much as you feel like you should be. It is a battle to NOT run. Remember, rest is good. Again, trust your training. Let your body recover and be at its best health for the day of the race.

3. Forget the Pounds. I gained 10lbs before my first marathon. Partly muscle and food stores… partly extra fluid, some swelling… lots of healthy fats and good proteins. I gained weight. This freaked me out completely when we were about 10 weeks into our training. Here I am running ALL these crazy miles, burning TONS of calories and I was gaining weight. So, I cut back. I cut back on carbs, which I was eating a lot of {oatmeal, granola, gluten free pancakes} for energy. And when I cut back, I had no energy. I couldn’t do a 6 or 7 or 10 mile run. I had NO energy. zero. So I decided to forget the pounds. My clothes fit great. My body was changing shape. I was building muscles and yeah, a little extra energy stores meant a few more pounds. But I could run 15 miles pretty easily. I decided that training for a marathon meant giving my body what it needed and forgetting the pounds.

Running Encouragement - Things To Tell Yourself Before a Run

4. Adrenaline and Nerves. Yep, you’ll have them. Try to fit in an official half marathon or other race during your race training to give yourself a dress rehearsal of sorts for the big day. That really helped me work out some of the mental things that happen the morning of a race. Read as much as you can, learn what you can about races, train, prepare, rest… and just do your best!

5. The every day runner matters. I heard something before that race that stuck with me. “Why do all those thousands of runners keep going even after the race has already been won?” It is true! In our case, the marathon was already won before we even crossed the start line! Yet, thousands of us started the race and ran anyway. Why? Because we weren’t running to win. We were running to run. For ourselves. For a cause. For our family. For our own PR… we were all running together. Average people, average runners… all trying to accomplish something above and beyond average. And we did it. We finished something that matters. Together. In our own time. All of us cheering each other on, mile after mile. Smiles and pats on the back. Amazed at the strength of the person next to us. Encouraging those we pass along the way and standing in awe of those who ran faster that we could ever run. The every day runner matters. Each race means something deep and personal to us all.

6. Memorize some verses to encourage you along the way! Click on that link for my list!

7. Build a great play list that will energize and recharge you mid race. Mandisa, Blanca, Capitol Kings, Toby Mac, Natalie Grant, and so many more!

All of these things were incredibly helpful in the days leading up to the race. Running encouragement that is helpful for all runners, all race days.

What is something you tell yourself before a run?

What is something you are learning you need to hear or know pre-race? What is your running encouragement?

I’d love to hear from you!



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