One of the things about our new journey as missionaries is that Jeremy doesn’t have an office to go to.

In fact, I captured this picture via instagram the other day while Jeremy and I were spending the day together visiting churches.

The caption on the picture was “Every day feels like date day. Lots of togetherness in this job #love”

He is home with us all. the. time. We are traveling with him. all. the. time.

We do everything together as a family.

Very few things are accomplished with us apart.

We are in this together.

Every. single. day.

We homeschool so that the girls can travel with us freely and we can raise our support as a family.

We knew this day was coming.

And, honestly, we were all a little nervous as to how all this togetherness was going to work out.

Jeremy home all the time?

During school hours?

When we are doing our normal day-to-day routine?

Driving hours upon hours together stuck in a little van space?

How is that going to work out?

But shining through the nervousness about the details was this excitement.

The excitement of truly being in ministry together. as a family.

The togetherness is a blessing and we are so thankful.

A few funny stories about our togetherness…

We were sitting in a service and the pastor was talking about protecting the family and turning off the computer devices in the home.

Jeremy looked at me. I looked at him.

He told me later that the thought ran through his mind that, “We are always together! We welcome the device time for a little break from each other!”

He said that in jest, but for us, it holds some truth.

Another funny thing was when we were recently taste testing in Sams Club.

The girls were trying this new fitness drink.

The guy selling the drink said, “You need this drink, Mom. Your kids will be healthier and they won’t miss school which means they won’t be in your hair so much!”

Elayna looked at me and said, “Mom? Are we in your hair?”

I laughed and as we walked away I said, “No, honey… you girls are the best people to have around. I’m so thankful that I get to spend my days with you.”

And, I meant it. I couldn’t get that conversation out of my head…

We are together all the time.

And I don’t feel like anyone is “in my hair.”

The togetherness works well for us and we are loving this new journey.

We learning daily how to work closely in this new season.

Every step taken together!

Even if we have our “device time” once and awhile!


  1. Lynnette’s family has always loved being together all the time. They have home-schooled from day one when Jared became school age, and now he is 22…and they can’t even imagine not being together! (:>)

    When my hubby retired 8 and 1/2 years ago…it did take some adjustment for us…but we LOVE being together each and every day!

    I know Go has big plans for you and your sweet family…as you all serve Him together!

    Love, Linda

  2. I receive strange looks when I reply that I love having my boys around me all the time when someone makes a comment about us being together so much. God is blessing you as a family…it’s exciting that you all get to experience Him and His goodness together!

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