Homeschool Websites - Top Ten You Need to Know

Top Ten Homeschool Websites You Need to Know!

The internet is a fabulous place to find homeschooling resources. Homeschool websites that will help you with nearly everything.

I am unashamed to say that I did not use curriculum during my girls’ preschool and kindergarten years.

I solely used FREE online printables or ideas to create my own homeschool day for them.

I have continued use many websites to find resources to go with whatever we are studying.

Where do I get these free things? And, where do I find help to fill in when I want to add something to our curriculum? Where can you as a parent, homeschool or not, find helpful resources to work with your children at home?

Here are some homeschool websites that I’ve found to be very helpful to us!

Homeschool Websites - Top Ten You Need to Know

Homeschool Websites

1. Starfall – I will link to this site again and again… we LOVE starfall! You will find colorful and bright games, videos, printable writing sheets, books and more that will get your child reading! All three of my girls learned their letter sounds and basic reading/writing skills from this website. They do have parts of their site that you need to pay for but we worked with the free portions and did very well!

2. youtube – I can’t tell you how many times I set up a playlist of learning songs for my girls! From Barney to Between the Lions to Electric Company… you can find a learning song or clip about any subject you are discovering that day!

Homeschool Websites - Top Ten You Need to Know

3. pbskids – So much learning has happened on pbskids in our house. Curious George taught my girls about mixing primary colors and measuring with fractions. Sid the Science Kid, Super Why… all GREAT resources to you the parent! PBS makes learning fun for kids and my girls have benefited from what they’ve found and learned while playing!

4. CurrClick – This has become a favorite site for me! I love being able to type in a subject and immediately print something for my girls to use. Printables, books, music, foreign language… you will find it ALL there and easy to download. Not to mention it is all very reasonably priced.

5. The Notebooking Fairy – This is a new site for me that I plan to use a lot in our upcoming school year. I love the creative and fun printable notebook sheets that I know my girls will love!

6. The Homeschool Village – If you are in need of encouragement, ideas, special needs, lesson planning, a Bible verse, information about the many different styles of homeschooling, resources or help of any kind, this is the place! You have access to articles that will make your day and writers who are available for help or prayer!

7. Read-Aloud Revival – The is a blog specifically designed to help you with read-alouds.

8. Crayola – This website is full of online activities, free coloring pages and free writing practice pages. I used this site many times of the year, printing out coloring pages for the 50 states to go along with our American History/Geography studies!

9. pinterest – The homeschool mom’s playground. Seriously. You will never fail to find exactly the activity, craft or idea that you were searching for when you look on pinterest! Network with other pinterest homeschool moms, follow homeschool or craft boards and you will be set (more than set!) with numerous activities at your fingertips!

10. DLTK Kids – Tons of free information, worksheets, printables, lapbook pages, coloring pages on everything from math to science to art to history to just for fun! I use this website as a quick go-to site for a free printable!

11. Learn to Speak Life Books – This grammar series is one you don’t want to miss. They also have family devotions, scripture memorization and marriage books!

Early Elementary Grammar Help

There are so many more… Homeschool Creations and ihomeschoolnetwork and others that will be a blessing to you no matter where you are in your homeschooling journey!

Hop around and add to your own list of favorites.

You can find homeschool resources right here too!

And, before you go, what is one of your favorite homeschool websites or resource websites that I didn’t list today?




  1. Ok, I need to “pin” this post or something for when I homeschool Jack in 2 years. What???? Jenney Dray is going to HOMESCHOOL full time??? Yup. Jack. In two years. Gulp.

  2. Although I don’t home school I am always looking for things to keep the girls busy and learning at home. Thanks for all the info!!

  3. Jenilee ~ I love Hope is the Word. Amy is always one of my go to resources for read-alouds. She has inspired me in untold ways the past couple of years.

    This is a great list!

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