Homeschool Mom - Top Ten Thoughts from One Homeschool Mom

Top Ten Homeschooling Thoughts

As a homeschool mom, I started to think about all the things I’ve learned about myself, my girls and how we work together as a family.

I thought I’d put together a list of my thoughts about homeschool and how it works in our family.

One homeschool mom, one set of thoughts about homeschooling these cuties.

Homeschool Mom - Top Ten Thoughts from One Homeschool Mom

*Elayna (8), Annalise (6) and Abby (4)

Top Ten Homeschooling Thoughts for you from one homeschool mom!

1. Flexibility. I can not stress enough how important flexibility is for our homeschool. Most days do not turn out how I think they will so I need to be able to adjust my plans to our very real life.

2. Having a space for school has been a huge blessing. I love saying, “Ok! Everybody to the schoolroom!” Our learning area is always ready for some great school time.

Homeschool Mom - Top Ten Thoughts from One Homeschool Mom

3. Not everyone will be happy and ready to learn at the same time. And, that is ok. In the above picture, I am trying to explain to Abby that she is Kindergarten and she is learning to write her letters in a special handwriting notebook. She was mad because there weren’t any pictures inside the notebook. “There is JUST lines, Mommy!” She did not understand why it couldn’t have pictures in it. Resulting in the very unhappy face in the picture below.

Homeschool Mom - Top Ten Thoughts from One Homeschool Mom

4. Unhappy faces can turn happy again very quickly. And vice versa. Homeschooling has given me the opportunity to get to know my girls in a way that I can sense the change of moods happening. I have learned some skills to parent through those tough moments. (Don’t mind my garage sale pile behind Abby’s head…) The biggest help I’ve found is to resist getting frustrated. Getting myself worked up with them does not help anyone. Stay calm and wait it out.

Homeschool Mom - Top Ten Thoughts from One Homeschool Mom

5. A sense of humor is a must for the homeschool mom AND the kids. Rushing through just to get things done will work for a day or two if necessary, but taking the time to really enjoy homeschooling – both the good and bad days – is incredibly worth it!

Homeschool Mom - Top Ten Thoughts from One Homeschool Mom

6. Having a child with sensitivity issues to sounds and textures can be very challenging. Homeschooling 3 grades at the same table presents lots of noise, sounds, movements and piles of stuff. Sometimes taking a break is the best option. Pushing them through a rough patch in the day takes patience and lots of prayer!

7. Unplugging from the world for the homeschooling hours is the best way to invest in my girls. As a homeschool mom, I need to be fully present in their education. Now, my girls do some subjects on their own and are self motivated in lots of ways but there is something about them seeing me check out to check email that makes them check out of school too. But don’t forget how much free information is available online to help you! Plus, there are benefits to unplugging.

8. Comfy clothes, couches, beds, blankets, favorite toys, snacks, and breaks are benefits of schooling at home. Take advantage of them daily! Especially for you, the homeschool mom!

9. Keep Daddy involved. I have gotten into the habit of having the girls tell him about their day during dinner. What they learned, funny things they read, lessons that were too hard… all things that can stir up great conversation and keep Jeremy in tune to what is happening at home during the day.

Homeschool Mom - Top Ten Thoughts from One Homeschool Mom

10. Keep the stress level low. If I am stressed about something, it shows during school. I have learned to be able to let things go, be satisfied with a partial chore if I’m interrupted in the middle of one, leave the dishes in the sink, get up early if I need to get things done, teach the girls even if the schoolroom is a mess, and even be able to put school off if I’m really not ready to dig in for the day. I set the pace for our day and I have the freedom to do what is best for US! So, Learn how to handle Mommy Stress!

Those are some things I’ve learned as a homeschool mom, some thoughts I have about homeschooling our girls.

Do you have any to add to the list? Are you a homeschool mom?

Add your thoughts!

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  1. Stopping by from HHH. Thanks for this list…it’s a good reminder of the beauty of homeschooling. One of the things I’ve learned is to be flexible and sensitive to those times when my kids are really getting along and laughing…even if it has nothing to do with a “lesson.” I hope that those times will stick in their memories as they get older or in those moments when they’re not getting along so well! Building good relationships and good family community has been one of our desires during our homeschooling years.

  2. It sounds like you are doing a great job with homeschooling. I like how you have a flexible structure set up and the girls will value this time you have spent with them.

  3. That look is priceless! 🙂 I remember when you were first getting ready to start homeschooling. It sounds like it is going great for your family!

  4. Great advice! I need to watch the computer time. It’s easy for me to get distracted with another task while I am waiting for them to finish/do something…but you are right, they often check out then too!

    Great post, Jennilee!

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