Family Travel - Unexpected Gifts of Being Together

Unexpected Gifts of Being Together as a Family

Well, an unexpected blessing of family travel full time has been that our family has had a lot of togetherness.

We have unlimited opportunities to practice getting along.

We have all the time in the world to learn how to interact with kindness, patience, compassion and manners.

At first, this was a big struggle. There are still days it is a struggle.

But, as the year of travel went on, I have noticed that those days have become less and less.

In fact, now… more often my girls are getting in trouble for playing together too loud in the van rather than fighting with each other.

Their laughs, giggles, and play voices raise in Goodwin goofiness very quickly.

Much faster than the squabbles or skirmishes of before.

They can sit squished in one seat for hours on end with very few sibling issues.

I’m amazed.


Family Travel - Unexpected Gifts of Being Together

The unexpected gifts of family travel

unlimited family time

true family friendships

new levels of understanding

greater insight for each other


great cooperation

learning to deal with stress and emotions

These things are great blessings, definite gifts and unexpected moments to be treasured.

Family Travel - Unexpected Gifts of Being Together

Relationships born from walking an incredible road together.

Relationships I’m praising God for and praying for His lasting arms to cover… no matter what we face.

The challenges of third culture kids, the constant goodbyes, the unending transitions.

No matter what comes our way.

As my girls grow up, I want them to remember these years. The fun adventures, the places visited and the happy moments.

I also want them to remember the tough times and the struggles and remember how their family faced the challenge head on, together.

Praying that these unexpected gifts will stand the tests of life and carry our family through the years.

These precious blessings of being together.



  1. Such great words, Jenilee. I want my children’s relationship to grow. Too many times we have fighting instead of giggles. I am enjoying your sibling encouragement at W2W.

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